The 4 Season Approach

God has a plan for each girl who joins the ETCHA family. The goal is to help each girl discover her path and purpose in life. For teaching and encouragement this journey is divided into Four Seasons. The girls move to a new season while growing at ETCHA with the five strong attributes of Esteem, Trust, Character, Hope, and Attitude.


Winter: A time of adjustment and preparation that begins at admission.


Spring: Through the love of Christ, counseling, Godly parenting, education, and other tools, the seeds are planted. Staff work to protect, care for, nourish, and “Grow Girls God’s Way”.


Summer: A time of growing and maturing. The focus is finding ways to help the girls learn the skills of independence and display leadership behaviors.


Autumn: The girls are in full bloom! Those who are 18 years old are ready to join the Independent Living Program. Our prayer is that they have realized that when they put their life and hope in Christ, He promises that He has good plans for them!

“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11